Call for Volunteers

WordCamp RI needs you!

How can you help?

Requires knowing your way around audio & video equipment. Bonus points if you’d like to bring along your own equipment to help record sessions.
Keep things running on time. Always keep your eye on the clock and remind speakers when it’s time to begin and wrap up.
Food & Beverage
Everything from serving food and beverages to making grocery store runs as needed. You’ll help keep everyone well fed and happy.
Got a knack for promotion? Help us in advance get the word out to potential attendees and sponsors.
Check in attendees at the door and hand out name tags and swag. This might be for you if you enjoy checking off lists and saying hello 100+ times before 9am.
Room Runners
Handle anything unexpected to keep things running smoothly.
Wherever there’s a need
Helping out with random unspecified things here and there, etc.
Do you have a creative notion to contribute in some specific way we haven’t thought of? Great! Let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers

  1. I would like to be a part of WordCamp RI. I will be happy to donate my photographic skills in any way that will be helpful. Thanks.

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