WordPress Beginners Notes

For those asking for the notes from the Beginners Workshop at WordCamp RI, here’s the link!  The resource list is towards the end of the presentation.

The Workshop for WordPress Beginners was presented by:


  • Where are you now?  Where are you headed?
  • Getting Started
  • The Dashboard
  • Creating Content
  • Menus, Plugins, Widgets, Themes
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Resources

Put Some SASS in Your WordPress Website

Here’s the link to the “Getting to Know SASS” presentation from WordCamp RI 2015 by Max Morgan (@maxinacube) and Jeff Golenski (@jeffgolenski).  There is good reference material included.


Outline of presentation:

  • What is SASS?
  • Why Use SASS?
  • How to Use SASS
  • Best Practices
  • Resources
  • Try it For Yourself

Thank you Max and Jeff for a great workshop!