WordPress TV is working at lightening speed!

Already videos from WordCamp RI are being posted on WordPress TV.  This is your chance to review a session you attended or see a session for the first time.  The selection of videos reflects the seminars given on Saturday September 26, 2015.  Over the course of the day there were seminars for developers, businesspeople, and beginners.

By watching, or re-watching, these classes you can learn how to program your own WordPress theme, get ideas how to keep the content on your website interesting, and learn organized approaches to creating your own website.  WCRI 2015 Logo

So log on to your computer, pull up your WordPress site, and follow along with a session or two!

The Best TV Re-Runs: WordPress TV!

One of the great aspects of WordCamp is your ability to watch videos of the sessions afterwards.  This benefits those who want to re-watch a specific presentation as well as those who missed a session they are interested in.  Perhaps at a previous WordCamp you wanted to attend two seminars that were running simultaneously, but you could only be in one place at a time.

WordPress.tv to the rescue!

If you want to watch a presentation on “Real-Time Site Personalization” go to http://wordpress.tv/2013/09/05/jesse-friedman-real-time-site-personalization/ and watch Jesse Friedman at a previous year’s WordCamp.  (P.S. You can hear Jesse this year at WordCamp RI.  He is our Keynote speaker.)

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