Coffee is for Closers

Want to review the highlights from the WordCamp RI session “Coffee’s for Closers (but only if you have an established sales process)?”  Here’s the link from presenter (and movie buff) Adam Lamagna.

Outline of Adam’s presentation:

  • A little history
  • Overview of the sales process
  • Before the sale
  • During the process
  • Earning that cup of coffee
  • Resources
  • Post-Sale
  • Using WordPress
  • More resources
  • Contact Info

Trivia: The title of Adam’s talk comes from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

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WordPress TV is working at lightening speed!

Already videos from WordCamp RI are being posted on WordPress TV.  This is your chance to review a session you attended or see a session for the first time.  The selection of videos reflects the seminars given on Saturday September 26, 2015.  Over the course of the day there were seminars for developers, businesspeople, and beginners.

By watching, or re-watching, these classes you can learn how to program your own WordPress theme, get ideas how to keep the content on your website interesting, and learn organized approaches to creating your own website.  WCRI 2015 Logo

So log on to your computer, pull up your WordPress site, and follow along with a session or two!

WordPress Beginners Notes

For those asking for the notes from the Beginners Workshop at WordCamp RI, here’s the link!  The resource list is towards the end of the presentation.

The Workshop for WordPress Beginners was presented by:


  • Where are you now?  Where are you headed?
  • Getting Started
  • The Dashboard
  • Creating Content
  • Menus, Plugins, Widgets, Themes
  • Security and Maintenance
  • Resources