The One Thing I Need to Know

You will learn lots of things at WordCamp RI (Sep. 25 and 26 – just $20 for two days!), but perhaps you would like to learn one thing before WordCamp (which will be held at New England Tech in East Greenwich).  Your wish is granted!  Several times.

Here are lots of One Things to know about WordPress.

  1. Want to modify your theme?  Here’s a first look at how you could do it, courtesy Berkeley University in California.
  2. Want a bootcamp-like approach to help you write or blog better?  WordPress to the rescue.  Here’s the September program.
  3. What is the difference between a blog and CMS (content management system)?  WordPress gets down to the basics here.
  4. In fact I’m going to list that link again because it is loaded with good information for people justing starting out blogging, on WordPress or anywhere else.
  5. The most important functions of WordPress SEO by Yoast? Read here and learn.
  6. You’re fine with the coding!  You can blog with the best of them!  But understanding color themes totally throws you for a loop? No problem!

AND…. last, but not least ……

  1. You don’t have to wait for just one time a year at WordCamp RI to learn more about WordPress.  There’s a WordPress RI Meetup with meetings in both the Providence and Narragansett areas every month.

Hope to see you at WordCamp RI and at WordPress RI Meetups!  (Did I mention WordCamp RI is just $20 for both days of Sept. 25 and 26 at New England Tech in East Greenwich?  I did?  Oh good!)

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