You Know You’re From RI When ….

We’re very excited about our upcoming WordCamp RI to be held at New England Tech in East Greenwich (Sept. 25 and 26).  As a public service to those who are new to Rhode Island or to help any foreigners who might come to WordCamp RI  (you know, like someone from Massachusetts) here is some background to help you understand Rhode Islanders.   First off, the town where WordCamp RI will be held is pronounced “eest gren-ich.”  There is no “green” and no “witch” in the pronunciation.

Then, there is a misconception that people from Rhode Island speak English with an accent.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We speak English wicked good, and it is those from elsewheres – youse have an accent. Daniella points out that Rhode Islanders put extra effort into speaking English correctly, for example taking the step of adding an “r” to the end of words which do not have one.  Doing more is surely a sign of dedication.  Karen observes that to recover from all that additional work, Rhode Islanders then take a rest from using the “r” included in some words.  You bettah understand that.

Many Rhode Islanders have stories of having people assuming “Long Island” when we say “Rhode Island.”  Yep, that’s us. Just take the bridge right into NYC.

Jennifer points out three things which distinguish a Rhode Islander: we may live in the smallest state, but if it takes more than 30 minutes to get somewhere we pack a lunch and change of clothes; vanity license plates are not a privilege they are a right! and we have the highest per capita number of yellow cars as well.

Gurukarm explains that while someone from Massachusetts may be a foreigner, anyone who arrives here from west of the Eastern Seaboard is a “damn furriner.”

It hardly needs to be mentioned, but for the one or two who don’t know, of course a cabinet is a blended drink of milk, syrup and ice cream.  What did you say?  “Milkshake?”  Ask for a milkshake at a REAL Rhode Island establishment and you’ll get milk and syrup shaken together.  No ice cream. You want ice cream?  Then you want a cabinet.

Every kid in RI wants to live in Foster/Gloucester because they NEVER have school.  It snows 365 days a year there.  Ask anyone between the ages of 6 and 18.  It’ll be dry as a bone in every other town, but Foster and Gloucester are buried in a blizzard.

A true-blue Rhode Islander will refer to the second Monday in August as “The Holiday.”  You know:  Like “The Holiday” in November is Thanksgiving, clearly “The Holiday” in August is Victory Day.  It is so obvious why belabor the point?

You give a phone number with seven digits.  Area code?  Area code?  Is there any area code besides 401?

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