The Best TV Re-Runs: WordPress TV!

One of the great aspects of WordCamp is your ability to watch videos of the sessions afterwards.  This benefits those who want to re-watch a specific presentation as well as those who missed a session they are interested in.  Perhaps at a previous WordCamp you wanted to attend two seminars that were running simultaneously, but you could only be in one place at a time. to the rescue!

If you want to watch a presentation on “Real-Time Site Personalization” go to and watch Jesse Friedman at a previous year’s WordCamp.  (P.S. You can hear Jesse this year at WordCamp RI.  He is our Keynote speaker.)

Or perhaps you like to use photographs on your WordPress site.  Catch the seminar and learn some tips for including images that enhance your work.  Dave Ross gave that talk at Providence WordCamp in 2013.

Maybe you weren’t able to travel to Calgary, Canada this year for the WordCamp there.  No problem, eh?  Check out how to build the audience for your website in the video by Ernest Barbaric. He discusses his 6 years of failure to “overnight” success.  He wants to help you avoid his long learning curve at

Go to and search by WordCamps or search by topic.  You’ll find knowledgable presentations from around the world in a variety of languages.

For example you can search for sessions on themes: how to choose one created by someone else ….. to …. modifying one created by someone else …… to …. building your own from scratch.  You can search for talks given in 23 different languages. is a fabulous resource and a way to strengthen what you learn at WordCamp RI.  See you on September 25 and 26 at the New England Institute of Technology!

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